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E-Commerce Solutions

Thanks to our perfect creative and entrepreneurial skills, we work smart and think hard to deliver top-performing e-commerce solutions that consistently achieve the goals long after launch. As a trusted Shopify Partner, Whether you are looking to take the next step in your e-commerce strategy, ready for a more robust mobile offering or keen to smooth your customer’s checkout journey, we are the one to improve your online sales.

  • Design, build, replatforming, integrations and support

  • Marketing management for top performance including social media, mailing, PR, advertising and every other growth solutions

  • Operation management for channel integrations, storage and fulfilment

  • Channel management for online and offline

  • Measurement, analytics and conversion optimization

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Our e-commerce Services

Start To eCommerce

Theme Selection and Setup Theme Customisation Optimisation Training


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eCommerce Consultancy

Ongoing Support Maintenance New Features Data Analysis


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Advanced Shopify

Tag Management Integrations Shopify App Management Marketplace Integrations


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Digital Marketing

SEO PPC + Retargeting Social Media E-Mail Marketing


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Start To e-Commerce Package

Are you just starting out or looking to upgrade your basic store? We will customise your store to adapt and optimise an existing theme to suit your brand and teach you to operate and maintain your store.

Theme Selection and Setup

Which one is the perfect theme that fits your requirements? We, together install it from the Shopify theme store and base your site build around this theme. All pages will work correctly on any device!

Configuration & Optimisation

We also want that everything to runs smoothly on your Shopify store! You don't need to worry about the configuration of payment gateways or shipment rates. We will configure everything and test your store and guide you through the launch process.

Theme Customisation

Don't worry about your branding, we will work on customisations including typography and colour palettes and also the layout and content changes to make your chosen theme entirely yours!

Uploads & Training

We will upload the first 5 products with you and make sure it is easy for you to continue to update and maintain your store by providing full training. The training will not only include the products updates but also basic theme customization, shipment and inventory management on Shopify dashboard and the analysis of the reports.

Advanced Shopify Package

You already have a running Shopify store but feel that basic features are not enough for your needs? We will install and configure every tool you need to operate your store in an advanced way.

Tag Management

Do you need to measure your e-commerce metrics via Google Analytics or target your custom audiences on Facebook Adverts? We will install all the tags you wish to use, including Google Analytics Code, Facebook Pixel, Adwords Conversion Tracking or Remarketing Tags.

Shopify App Management

The Shopify App Store is one the most valuable treasure for e-commerce, but does it makes you feel a little dizzy? There is an app for everything you need, and we will find it and install it for you. We know that it is not easy to make every app work smoothly, but you don't need to worry about it anymore.


We will manage all the integrations of your store with not only every essential Google Service including Merchant and Webmaster tools but also your Mailchimp, Pinterest, Facebook Pages, Facebook Store, Instagram Business Accounts.

Marketplace Integrations

Do you think Amazon or eBay fit perfectly with your audience? We have good news for you. You don't need to upload every product again and again, we will install the system that you need to not only sync your product but also sync your inventory and orders. You can use your Shopify dashboard to rule them all!

Ongoing Support & e-Commerce Consultancy

  To build a successful e-commerce business, it’s important to continually optimise and improve your website. We’ll partner with you to make it happen and bring you the success.

E-commerce Consultancy

Whether you are looking to take the next step in your e-commerce strategy, ready for a more robust mobile offering or keen to smooth your customer’s checkout journey, we are the one to improve your online sales.


We'll be working directly with you to maintain upkeep of your store and keep it ready 7/24 for customers. You don't need to worry about the updates or compatibility of the new app versions.

Data Analysis

We'll continually review changes using Google Analytics and Shopify Reports on a periodic basis to arrive at further recommendations, both from a business and conversion perspective.

New Features

We'll continually recommend feature upgrades, brand new apps and e-commerce plugins and enhancements for your Shopify store, ensuring you're always ahead of the game.

Digital Marketing for e-Commerce

  Digital marketing for eCommerce is a totally different beast and our digital marketing services super-charge sales performance. Starting with reverse-engineering your conversion data, we create profit-led digital marketing strategies to increase brand visibility and sales from your ideal buyers.


We will work collaboratively with you to help you outpace your competitors and deliver measurable and continuous business growth through organic searches traffic.

Social Media

We will manage your social advertising and content marketing processes so we can collaboratively create a loyal audience and turn them into loyal customers.

PPC + Retargeting

We will manage your PPC campaigns on a daily basis to continuously improve your adverts so you pay less per click, appear in higher ad positions and convert more click to paying customers.

E-Mail Marketing

We will make your emails reach costumers and spread your story with compelling content and flair, so deliver your message in style with our expertly crafted email solutions.